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Christian Berg

Level Designer & Level Scripter



076-851 34 86                                                                  Emaljvägen 6B                                                            176 73 Järfälla


Game Design student at Futuregames with a focus on Level Design and

Level Scripting. Game development has been an interest of mine for as long

as I can remember. I possess strong communication and documentation

skills and have worked in teams for both professional and hobby projects.




Software: Unity 5, Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Engine 3, Photoshop, Maya, SVN, Perforce

Scripting: C#, Unreal Blueprint

Project Management: Agile Scrum project management

Languages: Swedish (native), English (fluent)





Higher Vocal Education in Game Design                                                                                                               Stockholm, Sweden

  • Futuregames                                 Q3 2016 – Now


Futuregames is one of the leading schools in Sweden for game developers. The Game Design program spans 2 years with courses and lectures held by professionals from the industry. The course plan includes 3 larger game projects in which I acted as Level Designer.


Game Projects


Level Design, Level Scripting

  • Captain Rocket vs The World of Tomorrow           Q2 2017


A fast-paced twin-stick shooter set in an alternative 1929 with jetpacks and robots. Captain Rocket was made by a team of 11 over the course of 7 weeks using Unity 5. I was the sole level designer and was responsible for iterating and designing the level layout from a paper prototype to a playable level with fully functional scripted events and challenges using C#.



Level Design, Audio Design

  • A Glass Darkly                                 Q1 2017


A VR survival-horror game built for the Oculus Rift. A Glass Darkly was developed by a team of 11 over the course of 4 weeks using Unreal Engine 4. I was responsible for designing and creating the level for the game along with another level designer, including creating an early prototype to determine the in-game scale of objects and assets. I also handled the game’s audio which consisted mostly of finding and mixing various sound effects and implementing them into the game.



Level Design

  • Ooble: The Self Driving Submarine Project           Q4 2016


An atmospheric sidescroller set in an underwater cave, Ooble was made by a team of 8 over the span of 2 weeks using Unreal Engine 4. I was responsible for co-creating the game level with another level designer, including the paper prototype, whitebox, pacing, setting up challenges and set dressing of the environment.





Further Experience


CTF-GrimmarFortress: Unreal Tournament 4 Level.                                                                                                 Q3 2017

Shroom Lagoon: Skylar and Plux: Adventure on Clover Island level.                                                   Q4 2017

Quack: Prototype Unreal project imitating the graphics and features of Quake 1.            Q3 2017 – Now

CTF-Retribution: Unreal Tournament 2004 level.                                                                                                      2011

CTF-Transcendent: Unreal Tournament 3 level.                                                                                                       2009



Work Experience


On-site IT technician

  • Telecomputing AB           Q1 2012 – Q3 2016


Responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting hardware and software for PwC, one of the world’s leading financial firms. My responsibilities were mainly focused on the Stockholm office, but would sometimes include preparing and sending out replacement hardware to other offices across Sweden. I was also responsible for designing and documenting the troubleshooting process for new hardware and software, both for myself and the 1st line helpdesk.



Helpdesk Customer Support

  • Telecomputing AB           Q2 2010 – Q1 2012


Working as part of a team of helpdesk agents in a call center. My responsibilities consisted of answering calls from PwC and help resolve technical and software issues over the phone. Issues were documented and tracked in a ticket system to make sure assignments were dealt within a timely fashion.