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Projects & Levels

Adventure on Clover Island – Level Design

Shroom Lagoon is a custom level for the third person platformer Adventure on Clover Island, separate from the main campaign. The level features secret and branching paths meant to compel the player to replay it in order to find and try alternative routes before finding the fastest one.

A Glass Darkly – Level Design

A Glass Darkly is a VR horror game in which players must escape a hotel while being stalked by an unknown creature. Looking directly at the creature means certain death, so players must rely on a hand mirror to safely explore their surroundings.

UE4 FPS Prototype – Level Design/Level Scripting

FPS Prototype is a project I made on my spare time outside of school. It showcases my ability to lead the player throughout a level while slowly building the tension towards a climatic ending. The prototype relies heavily on level scripting using Unreal Blueprint.

Unreal Tournament – Level Design

CTF-GrimmarFortress is a custom whitebox level for Unreal Tournament. The level was built in one week and my main focus was on the core layout and balance. It features multiple branching paths to ensure the player is always able to escape should they be intercepted or cut off.

Captain Rocket – Level Design/Level Scripting

Captain Rocket is a Twin Stick Shooter set in an alternate timeline. Robots have gone homicidal and invaded the 1929 New York World Fair. The level is divided into linear sections and arena sections where pacing kicks up and puts the player’s skills to the test.

Infinite Hellclimber – Level Design/Scripting

Infinite Hellclimber is an Infinite Runner developed for Android. Players take on the role as a denizen of Hell, trying to claw their way back to the earth through tunnels of randomly generated obstacles. I designed the level segments and wrote the level generator for this 3 week project.